Group Introduction


Shenzhen Hangsheng Electronics Co., Ltd. is a state-level high-tech
company consisting of R&D, production, sales, after-sales service,
logistics, distribution, development and production of intelligent
networked car infotainment systems, intelligent driving assistance systems, and
new energy vehicle control electronic systems for automobile manufacturers

Since its establishment in 1993, Hangsheng has grown into a leading
company in China's automotive electronics industry after 25 years of
development and experience. At present, Hangsheng Electronics has an annual
output of nearly 6 million sets of automotive electronics products, with
operating income of 5 billion yuan. Many domestic auto manufacturers have
established long-term friendly and stable cooperative relationships. In the
domestic automotive infotainment system market, 18 of the top 20 domestic car
sales companies are customers of Hangsheng Electronics, with a market coverage
rate of 90%. . Despite this, China's automotive electronics industry is still
monopolized by multinational giants, but among the top ten companies in this
field, Hangsheng Electronics is the only national brand enterprise. Hangsheng
has been committed to researching the core technology of automotive electronic
products, and has achieved fruitful technological innovation. So far, Hangsheng
is the only national enterprise that has won the "Nissan Global Technology
Innovation Award". In 2007, it was jointly awarded the "Nationally
Recognized Enterprise Technology Center" by the National Development and
Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, etc .; in 2008, it
was awarded the title of "High-tech Enterprise"; Passed CMMI Level 4
certification for software capabilities in 2016.

The company's strong manufacturing and research and development
capabilities have been certified and recognized by Volkswagen, Nissan,
Mitsubishi, Ford, Peugeot Citroen, Honda, and Hyundai. Vehicle-mounted
intelligent networked infotainment systems represented by Internet boxes,
connected car splitters, and intelligent rear-view mirrors; intelligent driving
assistance systems represented by advanced driver assistance systems,
360-degree panoramic parking, parking radar, and rear-view camera ; New energy
vehicle control systems represented by vehicle controllers, battery management
systems, and traction motor controllers.

Hangsheng Electronics' excellent management enjoys a high reputation in
the industry and has had a broad influence on the industry. The company has won
such honors as "China's Top 100 Electronic Information Enterprises",
"Guangdong Famous Brand" and "Guangdong Famous Brand
Product". In 2011, Hangsheng Company won both the Guangdong Provincial
Government Quality Award and the Shenzhen Mayor Quality Award, becoming one of
the only three companies in Shenzhen that have applied for the National Quality
Award. In 2012, together with Huawei and ZTE, Hangsheng became one of the first
four high-performance demonstration units in Shenzhen, marking that Hangsheng
has become a model for Shenzhen's transition from speed to quality.

Looking forward to the future, Hangsheng will meet the challenges of the
future with a fuller attitude, pursue excellence, and strive to become a
world-class, international leader in automotive electronics!

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