Development Milestones
The 1st Decade

Hang Sheng was established with Yang Hong as general manager.

For the first time, HSAE started to provide mass supply to car OEM.

The sales revenue exceeded 100 million yuan and listed in the top three in the domestic automotive market.

In 2003, HSAE Fuyong industrial park was established.

● A decade of laying the foundation and reforming institutions.
● A decade of introducing explosive growth for strategic shareholders.● A decade of success and opportunity.
The 2nd Decade

Hangsheng's "Auto Intelligent Navigation & Media System" project was nominated in the National High-tech Demonstration A...

CEO Mr Yang Hong was named the top ten most influential new figures in the third session of China's reform.


Titled the "Nationally-Recognized Enterprise Technology Center"; the output value exceeded 2 billion yuan, becoming Chin...

Former Premier Wen Jiabao visited and highly praised HSAE staff;obtained the "National High-tech Enterprise" certificati...

President Yang Hong won the Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Award (Mayor Award).


The outstanding performance management model has achieved remarkable results, and has won the Guangdong Provincial Gover...


President Yang Hong won the honor of "Top Ten People of the Year in Innovative China 2013"; Jiangxi Ji'an Industrial Par...

● A decade of development driven by independent innovation, technological innovation and management innovation.
● A decade of integrating global resources.
● A decade of opening mind & building core competitiveness.
● A decade of winning opportunities to strategic success.
The 3rd Decade

Hangsheng Product Validation and Testing Center passed CNAS accreditation and officially became a nationally recognized ...

Hangsheng Shenzhen Technology Center and Yangzhou Technology Center passed the software capability CMMI level 4 at the s...

Hangsheng New Energy and Dongfeng Electric Vehicle invested 1.1 billion to establish a new company in Wuhan.

Looking to the future

● A decade of transformation and continuous development.
● A decade of leap-forward development for industries such as artificial intelligence and new energy electric control.
● A decade to be a world-class, international company.
● A decade aiming to become "Bosch" in China and "Huawei" in the automotive electronics industry.
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