Business Overview
Domestic Business Briefing
Since its establishment in 1993, Hangsheng has grown into a leading company in China's automotive electronics industry after 25 years of development and experience. It has established long-term friendly and stable cooperative relationships with many domestic automobile manufacturers in the domestic automotive infotainment system market. Here, 18 of the top 20 domestic car OEMs are customers of Hangsheng Electronics, with a market coverage rate of 90% and a market share of 25%. Among the top ten companies in this field, Hangsheng Electronics is the only national brand enterprise.
Overseas Business Briefing
At present, Hangsheng relies on its strong comprehensive strength and solid platform foundation to compete with international giants in the overseas passenger car market. It is mainly supplied to Japan and Mitsubishi; Russia's Ural, Volga, and Gorky; VW, Opel, Skoda, Fiat, etc. Manufacturers of high-end passenger cars. In the future, Hang Sheng will adjust acceleration and integrate strong resources, focusing on Hang Sheng's main focus on the dominant brands and models in the market. It is bound to provide the best products to the best customers. Quality and innovation have become the most critical elements of the zero-to-zero cooperation bond, thus laying a solid foundation for the further expansion of Hangsheng's overseas business, and then reaching the domestic and foreign markets in parallel, providing Hangsheng strong power to complete its historical mission in the new era.
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