Vice Governor of Henan Province Liu Wei led a team to visit the headquarter of Hangsheng Group


On the afternoon of April 14, Vice Governor Liu He of the Provincial People's Government of Henan Province led a team to the Shenzhen Fuyong Headquarter of Shenzhen Hangsheng Electronics Co., Ltd. to inspect and investigate, accompanied by CEO Yang Hong, visited the company exhibition hall, testing center, and held business seminar.

He Yi, deputy director of Henan Development and Reform Commission, Ma Fuguo, secretary of the Hebi Municipal Party Committee of Henan Province, and Guo Hao, mayor of Hebi Municipality accompanied the investigation.Mr. Yang Hong, President of Hangsheng Company, led the company's management team and leaders of the technology center, marketing center, manufacturing center and other departments to participate in the symposium.


In the exhibition hall, Li Guobing, the vice president of Hangsheng Group, introduced the company's development history, onboard intelligent network connected products, new energy three power systems, and ADAS software and hardware platforms and products developed by Hangsheng.Zhang Shasha of Hangsheng Testing Center introduced the rigorous testing required by Hangsheng products during the development process to Vice Governor Liu Wei to ensure that Hangsheng products have excellent quality requirements.


At the symposium, Zhu Weijun, Executive Vice President of Hangsheng Group, introduced the visiting leaders in detail the latest progress of research and development of related technologies of intelligent connected cars, the phased results achieved in the domestic and international automotive markets, and the situation of national manufacturing plants.


President Yang Hong introduced the current development situation of the domestic and foreign automotive industry, and combined with the scientific deduction of the future development trend of the automotive electronics industry, conducted an in-depth analysis of Hangsheng's global strategic layout. President Yang Hong expressed his gratitude to the Henan Provincial Government and Hebi Municipal Government for their love for Hangsheng. Hangsheng will continue to increase its support and investment in Hebi Hangsheng.

Secretary Ma Fuguo and Mayor Guo Hao said during the discussion that as the leading industry of Hebi City, the municipal government will provide the best business environment and the best service for local enterprises. Hangsheng has increased revenue in recent years against the trend, and the Hebi Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government is full of confidence in the development of Hebi Hangsheng.

After listening to the report, Vice Governor Liu Wei introduced to the participants the strategic development plan of the Henan Provincial People's Government for the automotive electronics industry. The automotive industry is in the process of transformation and upgrading of "electrification, intelligence, networking, and sharing" Has provided an unprecedented period of strategic opportunities for domestic auto parts companies. Henan Province will cultivate the automotive industry as an important industry. In the coming years of rapid development of new energy vehicles, we hope that Hang Sheng will increase its investment in the field of new energy vehicle electronics in Hebi City. At the same time, Vice Governor Liu Wei thanked Hang Sheng for its contribution to the automotive electronics industry. Hebi City will strongly support Hang Sheng's development.


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